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Fingerprint Software (SDKs) and Readers

Identify, Prevent and Protect with Fingerprint Solutions from Bayometric

Our biometric systems, fingerprint scanners and other biometric sensors help government agencies, enterprises, software developers looking to create customized applications and system integrator’s to meet their security, identity management and access control requirements.

Solutions for Government

Biometrics provides the assurance that people are indeed who they claim to be and helps government agencies to secure access to networks and services.

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Solutions for Enterprises

The use of biometrics in enterprises drastically increases security by providing guaranteed identity verification of employees and stakeholders.

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Solutions for Law Enforcement

Biometric fingerprint solutions provide high quality criminal booking and civil applicant background checking systems and also enable in-field identity verification.

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Solutions for Healthcare

Biometric fingerprint solutions prevent the occurrence of medical identity theft and healthcare frauds by accurately linking the unique fingerprint credentials of patients to their medical records.

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Solutions for Banks

Biometric solutions ensure secured access to banks and financial service industries by reliably establishing and confirming the identity of both customers as well as employees.

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Solutions for Retail

Biometrics in retail reduces employee time theft; time spent in attendance management and improves overall customer experience by creating accountability and providing secured application access.

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Software Spotlight

Fingerprint identification technology; software development kit; easy integration; SOA support; ready-to-use; secure authentication.

Touch N Go Biometric Framework

Quick, secure and easy integration of fingerprint recognition technology into your existing solution with just four lines of code.

Touch N Go is a best fit developer-friendly fingerprint recognition solution for systems that need high levels of security and also comes with a ready-to-use interface.

Ease of Integration

The intuitive design of SDK interface makes it very simple to understand even with no prior biometrics programming experience.


The SOA support enables fingerprint SDK to be integrated into any application within a matter of just few hours.

Trusted by over 1000 Users

``I found you guys to be very professional and responsive to what our company needed. All our point of contacts at your company was a pleasure to work with and represented your company, Bayometric, in a very positive manner. I only wish that most of the individuals from other companies were like you and responded as promptly. I look forward to doing future business with Bayometric and my interaction with you.``- Anthony Anguiano; National Security Directorate; Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
``The sample applications served as a great reference for implementing the framework in our own design. Interfacing with the framework was easy and worked as intended without customization. Nearly all my time developing our application was unrelated to biometrics, since Touch N Go simply worked right out of the box. Touch N Go has unequivocally earned our business in the future.”- Grady Congdon; IT Specialist; HIPR
“The Bayometric software is a nice piece of software... but the people behind this software really made the difference for me. I was totally blown away by the level of communication and the amount of time your team worked with me personally on this project. You were more concerned with fitting a solution that would work for me than making a sale. I give you guys 5 stars and two thumbs up!”- Tommy Trucks; Sign Master

Hardware Spotlight

Biometric technology; fingerprint scanner types, live fingerprint detection, fingerprint ridges illumination, inverted image.