Restrict access to sensitive information, operations, perimeters and digital assets.



Fingerprint recognition technology takes less than few seconds for individual authentication.



Fingerprints provide secure access control as it is unique and cannot be guessed, stolen or duplicated.

Achieve highly secured physical and logical access control in your organization by replacing passwords with biometric authentication.

Easy integration

Fingerprint identification can be easily and seamlessly integrated into existing access control systems with ready-to-use biometric software Touch N Go.

Reduce time-theft

The employees need to be physically present to check-in or check-out of the system using fingerprint authentication. Thus fingerprint access control systems eliminate buddy punching and employee time-theft.

Improve efficiency

IT help desk do not need to spend time resetting forgotten or compromised passwords. They can instead focus on other core competencies leading to increased efficiency.

Reduce maintenance costs

Eliminate costs related to resetting of forgotten passwords and replacement of lost or stolen cards by implementing fingerprint access control systems.

Biometrics Is The Future – Passwords And PIN’s Are Not.


Fingerprint access control provides a great deal of user convenience as users do not carry anything nor can they lose anything.


Fingerprints are a very cost-effective access control solution due to the biometric technology advancements and wide-availability of fingerprint readers.

State of the art

Passwords and smart cards are unable to guarantee restricted access as they can be easily lost or stolen.

Some popular access control devices.

Fingkey Access Fingerprint Access Control

Fingkey Access

NITGEN Fingkey Access, waterproof and weatherproof fingerprint access control unit with live finger detection (LFD) technology.

NITGEN NAC-5000 Access Control System


NITGEN NAC-5000 is a cutting edge fingerprint access control system. Specially designed for large-scale security system using IP/ TCP and wireless LAN.

Fingkey Access Plus Access Control Device

Fingkey Access Plus

Fingkey Access Plus is a stylish, user-friendly and a speedy authentication fingerprint access control device with live finger detection function.

NITGEN NAC 2500 Plus Fingerprint Security System

NAC-2500 Plus

NITGEN NAC 2500 Plus access control unit offers the benefits of low installation cost coupled with improved and efficient fingerprint security system.

More organizations adopting biometrics access control

Organizations need to constantly tackle various physical and online threats to safeguard their surroundings and sensitive data. Such threats could include common vandalism to terrorism. An essential requirement for all organizations is to keep individuals behind or outside closed doors before authorizing them to pass.

Employees may also need to be provided different access levels depending on the type of work they perform in the organization. A janitor will need to have a master key whereas help desk personnel might have less access. Implementing reliable access control mechanism is the key to maintaining a safe working environment.

Traditional methods such as physical keys, access cards or a passcode are highly vulnerable to being lost, stolen or duplicated and thus are becoming redundant in today’s world. Organizations also suffer huge financial losses due to employee time theft and buddy punching. Unethical employees can share cards or passwords among each other which leads to employee time theft.

Organizations can achieve increased security, speed and efficiency by implementing a fingerprint access control system. Fingerprint authentication can also be rapidly integrated into any existing access control system with ready-to-use biometric solution Touch N Go. Access control systems using fingerprint authentication eliminate sharing of key cards or passwords and helps organizations to regulate entry into highly sensitive areas. Fingerprint access control is an affordable solution that enables organizations to manage and administer access on an individual user basis.

Privacy concerns surrounding fingerprint access control systems

In a card or password based system, there is no way of knowing if the individual presenting the card or entering the password is actually the authorised user. Access cards passwords can be easily stolen or shared. Fingerprints are inherent to individuals and thus they can ensure the maximum authenticity of the individual. Fingerprint access control systems are highly reliable and intuitive which ensure that only the authorized individuals can gain access to restricted areas.

A fingerprint access control system ensures high accuracy and reliability as the owner of the fingerprint must the physically present to access the facility or digital asset. It ensures maximum reliability as fingerprints cannot be duplicated nor they can be lost or stolen.

Users are enrolled into the system by capturing their fingerprint image and storing them as a digital template. The actual fingerprint image of the user is not stored and the template is also encrypted to prevent tampering. User’s privacy rights are protected as the original fingerprint image cannot be recreated from the stored template.

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