Know exactly the head count totals for worship and different events.



Fingerprint scanning is very fast and highly efficient for member check-in.



Prevent individuals from fraudulently accessing church facilities.

Increase member participation in church programs
lower overhead costs.

Improve efficiency

A pen and paper-based membership management system is highly obsolete in today’s modern times and is a cumbersome and inefficient way of managing church members.

Eliminate identity fraud

Cards issued to church members possess the risk of getting lost or stolen. Fingerprint eliminates such risks and instances of identity fraud.

Enhance member experience

With fingerprint authentication, church goers do not have to worry about forgetting their cards at home. They can simply participate with a quick scan.

Reduce costs

Fingerprint management systems eliminate the costs associated with producing membership ID cards and replacement of lost or stolen cards.

Biometrics Is The Future – Card’s And Pin’s Are Not.


A convenient and innovative solution for members where they no longer need to carry their ID cards or memorize any numbers.


Completely replace ID cards and save the costs incurred in replacing lost or stolen cards.

State of the art

Quick and easy access for church members with a simple swipe of their fingerprint.

More churches adopting biometrics for church management

A biometrics church management system is versatile and simple to use. Fingerprints are unique to each individual and inherent part of their being. A fingerprint system is very reliable and enables to accurately track attendance for various events like Bible studies, worship services and Sunday school. It facilitates quick and easy attendance tracking of members and allows reporting individual attending patterns and absences.

Fingerprints are very handy and members are not required to carry cards or memorize PINs. Only a quick fingerprint scan is sufficient to register attendance. A fingerprint church management system encourages increased participation of younger members in fun-filled activities.

More churches are adopting fingerprint based church management systems to reap various benefits such as better accuracy records, increased member participation and cost-effectiveness. Churches understand the many benefits of implementing a biometrics system as now only a fingerprint stands between church members and an efficient service.

Privacy concerns surrounding biometrics for church management

Members are initially registered into the biometrics church membership management through an enrollment process. A fingerprint scanner captures the fingerprint image of the member from which the unique features of the fingerprint are extracted. These unique features are stored as a digital template which will be used in positive identification of members.

Members simply scan their fingerprints for subsequent check-ins. The stored digital template is matched with the current fingerprint scan. A positive identification allows check-in and enables to have an accurate member count in events.

The actual fingerprint image is never stored in the scanning terminals and neither transmitted across the network. The fingerprint template is further encrypted to deter any tampering. Any privacy concerns are rest assured as there is no stored fingerprint image. This data is useless to law enforcement as they need actual fingerprint images. It is not practically possible to reconstruct a member’s fingerprint from stored numerical data which further ensures that member privacy is protected.

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