A hotel guest’s fingerprint is linked to only his/her booked room ensuring authorized access.



Fingerprint authentication is a very fast access method that can be completed in less than few seconds.



Fingerprints are unique identifiers and provide secured access to hotel rooms and amenities.

Fastest and safest way to identify hotel guests
and enhance access control security.

Customer verification

The effort and time spent in manually looking up guest/customer information is saved. Guests simply scan their fingerprint at the check-in counter and their account information is displayed to the reception desk employees.

Facilitates keyless entry

Fingerprint biometrics enables hotel guests to access their room and other hotel facilities without the need of a key. It provides quick access to facilities such as the pool, gym etc. and avoids line-ups.

Protects customer information

Hotel employees have access to confidential customer information. Fingerprint biometrics ensures that only the authorized employees will have access to the information and provides enhanced protection against fraud.

Reduce costs

Fingerprint authentication eliminates the costs associated with producing magnetic stripe cards or replacing lost access cards.

Biometrics Is The Future – Card’s And Key’s Are Not.


Simple and convenient access for hotel guests as they now use their fingerprints to authenticate themselves.


Expenses associated with producing new guest access cards or replacing lost cards are eliminated.

State of the art

Guests can neither forget nor lose their fingerprints thus enabling hassle-free access.

More hotels and casinos adopting biometrics for guest identification

A biometrics hotel and casino management system provides enhanced access control and improved customer service for hotel guests. A fingerprint biometric system has an intuitive design, easy to integrate and simple to use. It eliminates the risk of losing keys or cards and facilitates access using unique biometric identifier i.e. fingerprint.

On arriving at the hotel for check-in, customers are registered into the biometric management system by a fingerprint scan and their fingerprints are associated with their booked rooms. Guests are also provided fingerprint access to various areas within the hotel premises depending on the type of room and services they have booked. Guests experience a lot of convenience and flexibility as they simply place their finger on the scanner to access their room and other areas such as pool, gym, parking etc.

Hotel restaurants and casinos can be very busy and sometimes customers might get wrongly charged. A fingerprint management system eliminates such administrative errors as the customer now uses his fingerprint to approve charges for any service used. This improves the customer experience and builds loyalty.

Privacy concerns surrounding biometric technology in hotels and casinos

A fingerprint management system is highly reliable and secure as fingerprints are unique to each individual. Furthermore, it is difficult to spoof fingerprints which assure that the person accessing the hotel facilities is the authorized guest. It prevents any outsiders from using hotel facilities such as pool or casino that are reserved only for guests.

Guests are enrolled into the hotel’s management system by a quick fingerprint scan. A fingerprint algorithm extracts the unique features of the fingerprint and stores a digital representation of these unique points. The actual fingerprint image is never stored or transmitted across the network. Only the digital representation is stored as a template and also encrypted to prevent any tampering.

When guests want to access their rooms or any other facility, they simply swipe their fingerprint at the fingerprint kiosk. The current fingerprint scan is matched with the stored digital template and the guest is provided access on a positive match. Due to the uniqueness of fingerprints between individuals, this system ensures a very high accuracy. Since the original fingerprint image is never stored, law enforcement also cannot use this data. Guest privacy is protected as it is not possible to restore the original fingerprint image from purely numerical data.

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