Only authorized members can access the club and facilities.



Member check-in and check-out time is completed in less than few seconds.



Accurately confirm the identity of members with fingerprint authentication.

Achieve seamless and no-hassles check-in and check-out system for your members with fingerprint membership management.

Improve efficiency

The effort and time spent in manually looking up member information is saved as members check-in or check-out using their fingerprints.

Reduce identity fraud

Passwords or PINs can easily be stolen by impostors to receive the privileges of a member. Fingerprint authentication eliminates identity fraud as it is impossible to steal a member’s fingerprint.

Enhance member experience

Member experience is significantly enhanced as the time to check-in and check-out is reduced and the process is also completely automated.

Reduce costs

Fingerprint authentication eliminates the costs associated with producing plastic membership ID cards or re-issuing lost or stolen cards.

Biometrics Is The Future – Passwords And Card’s Are Not.


Highly convenient for members as they no longer need to carry cards or remember passwords.


No need to provide expensive identity cards to members that are also vulnerable to being stolen.

State of the art

Members can access the facility whenever they desire without the hassle of remembering to carry their cards.

More organizations adopting biometrics membership management

Integration of biometrics provides a more secured and efficient method of membership management and overcomes the problems of traditional card-based systems. The ability to exactly know and confirm the identity of members is sometimes mission-critical. The instances where impostors try to access the facility or other member privileges by furnishing a stolen or shared card can be prevented.

Biometrics membership management systems verify individuals based on who they are i.e. their fingerprints. Fingerprints are thus the most accurate form of authentication which helps to correctly verify member identity else services will be provided to the wrong people. This might cost organizations a great deal of money and also put it at risk of intruders. Fingerprint biometrics can overcome this challenge and is a cost-effective solution.

The wide availability coupled with the low cost of fingerprint readers has made fingerprint recognition an extremely viable membership management solution. Organizations looking to integrate fingerprint identification in their membership management systems can do so quickly and easily with ready-to-use biometric software Touch N Go.

Privacy concerns surrounding biometrics membership management

Members are enrolled into the system by a quick scan of their fingerprint. A fingerprint scanner captures the fingerprint image and a fingerprint algorithm extracts the unique features of the fingerprint. These unique features are then stored as a digital template which is later used for matching purpose. At no point during the enrollment process, the actual fingerprint image is stored and it is also not possible to obtain the original fingerprint image from the stored template. This is a strong deterrent to impostors as it is impossible to steal or duplicate member fingerprints.

For subsequent access to the membership facility, the member scans his fingerprint and this image will be matched with the stored digital template. A positive match provides access to the member. This process is extremely accurate and assures maximum privacy of the members. The actual fingerprint image is never stored or transmitted across the network.

Fingerprints are unique to each member and it is not possible to link a single fingerprint image to two different member accounts. This eliminates duplicate member enrollment and ensures high accuracy and security in member identification.

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