Allow only authorized individuals to access the gym, fitness club and wellness center facility.



Save time of employees as well as members with fast fingerprint authentication.



Always know who is in your gym, fitness club and wellness center at any point of time with fingerprint check-in.

Accurately identify active members of gym, fitness club & wellness center and provide authorized access.

Stop identity fraud

Fingerprints cannot be shared or stolen like pass-codes and cards. An impostor cannot assume the identity of a member and enjoy his club privileges.

Improve efficiency

Fingerprint authentication improves efficiency as it does not require any manual intervention.

Reduce expenses

Save the costs incurred in replacement of lost, stolen or damaged cards and resetting of pass-codes.

Enhance member experience

Members can access the facilities that are included in their membership plan at any time with a quick swipe of their fingerprint.

Biometrics Is The Future – Pass-codes Are Not.


Creates ease-of-access for members as they can now access the facility with their fingerprints.


Costs associated with producing plastic ID cards are saved.

State of the art

Members no longer need to carry their ID cards or remember pass-codes to access the facility.

More organizations adopting biometrics gym and fitness club management

A gym, fitness club and wellness center handles multiple membership plans for members, new member registration, cancellation, renewal on an on-going basis. A manual membership management can create lot of inefficiencies as employees would have to manually verify each member during check-in and check-out by looking up their information.

An impostor can avail facilities that he is not authorised for by using a shared or stolen card. There is no accurate way of knowing if the owner of the card is actually the authorised individual. Gyms and fitness clubs are opting for fingerprint based membership management systems as they ensure better control and smooth running of the facility. Fingerprints authenticate individuals based on their inherent trait and the owners can be sure that the members are indeed who they claim to be.

By integrating biometrics in gym and fitness club management, owners can save a lot of the manpower that was expended in manual verification of members. Different members have different timing and membership privileges. Members can use the facility with a simple fingerprint whenever they desire and will have access only to those privileges that are part of their membership plan.

Privacy concerns surrounding biometrics gym and fitness club management

At the time of registration, the fingerprint based membership management system takes the fingerprint of the member. This is known as the enrollment process where a scanner captures the image of the member’s fingerprint. Only the distinguishing features of the fingerprint that will later be used for matching purposes are extracted and stored as a digital template.

When the member has to access the facility, he simply scans his fingerprint and this image will be matched with the stored template. The member will be granted access if both the fingerprint images match. It is not possible to recreate the original image from the stored fingerprint template. Fingerprint membership management is a highly reliable and secured system.

The actual fingerprint image is never stored and neither transmitted across the network. A fingerprint membership management system ensures maximum privacy to members. Fingerprints are unique to each member and practically impossible to steal or duplicate. This ensures that only the authorized member can access the facility and acts as a strong deterrent to impostors.

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