Biometrics for Government Agencies

Biometrics for government agencies provides identification platforms that are efficient, cost-effective and assure safe services for their citizens free of fraud and waste.
Biometrics in government agencies leverages modern technology to keep identities safe and is flexible to be applied in multiple government applications such as border control, voter registration, national ID cards and e-Passports.

Reduce Fraud – Minimize Threats – Improve Productivity

Travel documents, passwords and ID cards are easily compromised or stolen. These traditional methods are no longer adequate as a single means of identity verification. Government agencies need to protect their borders and provide citizens access to services and network. The government agencies need to be sure of its citizens identities for proper administration and biometrics is able to provide the assurance that people are actually who they claim to be. Biometrics establishes citizen’s identity, improves security and reduces benefits fraud.

Identify – Prevent – Protect

Biometrics enables government agencies to solve their identity management challenges and provides:

  • Ensures homeland security
  • Expedites traveler processing and increases passenger satisfaction
  • Assures citizens have access to services and networks while reducing fraud
  • Protects networks and digital assets thereby improving operational efficiency

How biometrics-based systems work in government

Many government initiatives are implementing fingerprint biometrics in their systems. Prominent among these initiatives include ePassports, security and border control programs and electronic governance initiatives. The most significant benefit of fingerprint biometrics is realised in immigration and border control program called the US-VISIT. This government program implements an entry and exit system based on biometrics for international visitors and help to enhance the security of the country.

The number of people crossing the US official ports of entry is in millions and managing the borders requires higher levels of precision, collaboration and advanced technology. The implementation of a biometrics based system will enable the movement of people and goods across borders quickly and efficiently. In addition to ensuring the integrity of the immigration and border management system it also facilitates legitimate travel and trade. Fingerprint identification allows visitors to be accurately and quickly identified with a simple scan of the fingerprint. This increases the convenience and flow of airport and border security.

Benefits of biometric-based identification

Biometrics in government agencies leverages modern technology to keep identities safe. A national identification card program that utilizes fingerprint biometrics provides a versatile and secure authentication credential to citizens that can be used for various purposes. Maintaining a repository of citizen’s biometric data empowers the government for better administration and efficient distribution of government benefits to the intended citizens. Biometrics enables knowing with certainty who the individual is, mitigates identity theft and also provides a powerful demographic.

Biometric technology has been adopted in ePassport programs to fulfil the need for better security and acts as a reliable means of traveller identification. ePassport is a combination of paper and electronic passports in which the biometric information is stored on an embedded chip. It is non-traceable and resistant to hacking and criminal attacks. The traveller’s biometric information is safe and right to privacy is also assured during identity information transmission between the chip and the reader.

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Why you should choose biometrics based solution

Trusted identity verification at ports of entry; controlled access; secure and durable; operational efficiency; convenient and trustful.

Access control

Biometrics is used to facilitate physical access to federal facilities as well as logical access to protected networks and other digital assets. Biometric authentication is a strong proof of an individual’s identity and is highly resistant to counterfeiting, tampering and terrorist exploitation. Modern access control systems allow the individuals to be authenticated electronically and quickly.

Identity management

Programs such as e-Passport and National ID have benefited greatly by integrating biometrics in their systems. Citizens can use their identity documents to access multiple applications such as opening of a bank account or to access automated border control while travelling. Nowadays, accurate biometric algorithms allow background checks and other verification to be completed in just a few seconds.

Border control and immigration

Many airport and border security control points require multiple passports checks. With the increasing volume of worldwide travellers and the rise in international crime, border security personnel are looking for efficient and improved security protocols. Biometric identification systems eliminate manual identification checks and facilitate quick and accurate verification of traveler’s identity.

Privacy and security

The government ensures that the privacy of traveler is protected and the biometric information shared by them is stored according to applicable privacy laws and regulations. Fingerprints do not convey and personal information such as gender or race and appropriate security controls are in place to ensure that citizen’s biometric data is not used or accessed inappropriately.

Welfare and benefits

Identity fraud is a significant threat and undermines the credibility of healthcare, social welfare and government distribution programs. Biometrics is a strong identification method that can unequivocally validate a person’s identity. The integration of biometrics in identification management systems eliminates the loopholes for healthcare ID or welfare fraud and maintains the security and integrity of governmental programs.

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