Biometrics for Retail
Point of Sale Biometric Solution

Touch N Go is a sophisticated biometric identification solution that assures reliability, accountability, security and speed in modern day POS systems without sacrificing precision.
Touch N Go in the retail industry maximizes the return on investment for business owners by eliminating payroll theft, POS shrinkage, employee time theft and fraudulent transactions caused due to weak or stolen credentials.

Prevent Data Breaches

A data breach is disastrous both for brand reputation and profitability. More than $50 billion is lost annually in employee dishonesty and over 75% of them are a result of stolen credentials.

Passwords (something you know) and swipe cards (something you have) are highly vulnerable to security breaches and cause attendance theft and payroll fraud. Biometrics (something you are) is a strong deterrent to frauds as they provide accountability and deliver “proof of presence”.

Reduce Fraud – Maximize Profits

Integrating biometric technology in retail POS systems helps to achieve a higher ROI and other benefits:

  • Eliminate buddy punching and payroll fraud
  • Speedy logon and increased productivity
  • Build customer loyalty by improved customer service
  • Simplify compliance by establishing accountability
  • Provide secure access to applications and eliminate manager override frauds

How biometrics-based systems work in retail

An individual is registered in the biometric system by capturing a scan of his fingerprint. The system looks for specific points within the fingerprint and saves the coordinates of these points. This data is immediately encrypted and stored as a digital template and makes sense only to the fingerprint reader. With a biometrics system, employees no longer need to enter passcode or swipe cards to logon. They simply need to scan their fingerprint to check in and their time and attendance will be recorded. Biometrics can provide straight forward time calculations for hourly employees and establish efficient workforce management practices.

A fingerprint is unique to each individual and helps to create accountability and concrete audit trail of transactions. An employee is granted access when his or her scanned fingerprint matches the stored template. The process is quick and non-cumbersome as fingerprints cannot be forgotten or misplaced. Any suspicious activity is flagged automatically and elaborated in management reports which prevent losses and curbs frauds.

Benefits of biometric-based identification

Biometric systems are highly accurate and ensure only the authorised individuals will have access to the point of sale applications and networks. It eliminates the problem of buddy punching as fingerprints cannot be shared and the individual must be physically present to check in the POS system. It eliminates unauthorised manager overrides as every transaction is now accountable with fingerprint identification.

Biometric systems provide heightened security as they remove the vulnerabilities associated with ID cards and passwords. They create accountability and improved compliance as time and attendance of every employee is accurately recorded. False returns and phony transactions are prevented and biometric systems encourage employees to act ethically. Many brick and mortar business that have integrated fingerprint solutions in their POS systems allow patrons to authenticate purchases with their fingerprints. Shoppers no longer need to carry cards or remember passwords.

What our clients say

``I found you guys to be very professional and responsive to what our company needed. All our point of contacts at your company was a pleasure to work with and represented your company, Bayometric, in a very positive manner. I only wish that most of the individuals from other companies were like you and responded as promptly. I look forward to doing future business with Bayometric and my interaction with you.``- Anthony Anguiano; National Security Directorate; Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Why you should choose biometrics based solution

Point of sale identification; faster and reliable customer experience; compliance and employee accountability; cost-effective and durable.

Integration with existing infrastructure

Fingerprint recognition can be seamlessly integrated into existing POS systems with the appropriate solutions. The wide availability of fingerprint readers along with easy deployment makes it a cost-effective biometric solution. It is also a very durable and reliable solution that simply requires a one-time enrollment of fingerprints. The costs associated with traditional POS solutions such as replacement of lost cards or forgotten passwords are eliminated in fingerprint biometric systems.

Security and authentication

The lengthy and cumbersome process of entering lengthy passwords or queuing to swipe cards are totally eliminated as employees securely clock in with a simple scan of their fingerprint. Businesses need not worry about employee time theft and instead can focus on their core competencies to increase productivity levels. A fingerprint recognition system accurately ties employees to each sale and creates a concrete audit trail of each transaction. Every discount, return or gift card transaction is now accounted for and employees cannot defraud the POS systems.

Privacy and security

Employee time theft has been the leading cause of retail shrink in the last few years and retailers are looking for a secured POS system that can prevent fraudulent time entry and authenticate transactions. Fingerprint recognition is the ideal solution that offers a high level of protection and accountability. It adds an extra layer of security to point-of-sale systems and ensures that only authorized individuals can check in with the added requirement of being physically present during the transaction.


The fact that biometric identifiers are inherent to the individual allows directly connecting a particular action or event to the individual. A clear audit trail of transactions and activities can be established with a biometric POS solution. This encourages employees to act ethically and creates accountability. It helps to reduce cases of identity thefts and fraudulent transactions as any security breach can be traced back to the individual responsible for it.

Intuitive interaction for end-users

Fingerprint biometric systems are easy to deploy and users require very little or no training. The administration process is simple with a quick one-time registration of user’s fingerprints. The design of fingerprint biometric systems is intuitive and requires no language. Only a simple scan of the fingerprint is required to verify identity and authorize access.

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