Biometrics in Education
Attendance; library/laboratory/exam hall access; lunch line

Biometrics provides a fast, reliable and cost-effective solution to monitor student attendance and access to services such as library and cafeteria within the educational facility.
Biometrics is an ideal solution for both traditional and distance learning educational institutions that enables student authentication in real-time and maintain compliance without expensive hardware, storage solutions or any privacy risk.

Reduce Fraud – Minimize Threats – Improve Productivity

Traditional identification methods such as paper-based attendance, picture ID cards or passwords are time consuming, risky and do not provide foolproof authentication solutions. Course facilitators are required to spend extra time marking student attendance and collating the attendance data. A biometric system eliminates these issues and provides an efficient approach to attendance management by validating the individual based on his unique biometric identifier such as fingerprint.

Identify – Prevent – Protect

Biometrics in educational institutions provides:

  • Accurately verifies the identity of students in real-time
  • Eliminates false attendance logging
  • Increased data security and integrity
  • Promotes lunch line flow with speedy authentication of students

How biometrics-based systems work in the education industry

In educational institutions, students are required to meet a certain level of attendance criteria to receive grades. Students use a variety of methods to falsely increase their attendance. Fingerprint based biometric solution can unequivocally establish student identity as fingerprints are inherent to the individual. Fingerprints are also impossible to forge or steal. Students are initially enrolled into the biometric system by a scan of their fingerprints. This biometric data is converted and stored as a digital template.

When a student presents his fingerprint to access the educational facility, the current image captured by the scanner will be compared with the stored digital template. The student will successfully log in only when there is a positive match. Administrators now have accurate records of people entering and exiting the premises which help in access control and to maintain security of the premises.

Benefits of biometric-based identification

With paper-based attendance and other traditional methods, teachers and administrators spend a lot of time in error tracking and reconciliation of attendance data. Fingerprint based biometric systems eliminate these issues as student attendance is automatically recorded with a quick fingerprint swipe. Teachers can now use this extra time in teaching which leads to increased productivity.

Biometrics enables to provide a safe and controlled environment in educational facilities. By installing a biometric system at the facility front-door, stringent access control can be enforced. There is an accurate record of people entering and exiting the educational facility. Unauthorized visitors are prohibited entry which ensures students and teachers safety. Administrators can provide audit-able attendance data required for receiving funding from the federal and state governments.

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Why you should choose biometrics based solution

Streamlined attendance management solution; increased academic integrity; cost-effective identity solution; continuous student identity verification; regulatory compliance; lunch line flow.

Intuitive interaction for end users

Biometric systems have an intuitive design thus making it easier to deploy in educational institutions. Fingerprint recognition is a widely used biometric solution due to its familiarity and low-cost. No complex training is required to install fingerprint systems and students can use this system with minimum training. A simple scan of the fingerprint will enable students to log-in their attendance and get instant access to services within the school premises.

Convenient and affordable solution

Fingerprint biometric solution can be implemented to control access within the premises as well as for check-in and check-out. The availability of low-cost fingerprint readers has made it extremely affordable and practical to implement fingerprint biometrics within an educational facility. The process of tracking student attendance becomes very fast as it gets automatically recorded. Students who are entitled for free or reduced price free meals can be identified accurately and anonymously.

Assured authentication in distance learning education

Biometric authentication provides assures that the student registering for a course is the same student taking the test. It ensures academic integrity by continuous verification of student identity throughout the entire course and not just during the final examination. It prevents fraud in student loan and fund allocation by providing a foolproof student identification solution.

Privacy and security

Biometric identifiers are inherent to an individual and thus are able provide a very high level of security and user privacy. A fingerprint based biometric system is one-directional which means that the student’s information cannot be reversed. The original fingerprint image cannot be recreated from the stored digital template. It ensures that the student is in complete control of his or her identity.

Speed and time saving

Students can be identified quickly and accurately with a fingerprint scan. Earlier, students had to wait in queues due to forgotten cards or passwords. There was additional workload on cafeteria staff to resolve such issues leading to frustration and dissatisfaction. A fingerprint biometric system enables cashless transaction in cafeterias. Students simply swipe their fingerprint and get their lunch. The speed of distributing lunch to students effectively increases which promote a smooth lunch line flow and reduces the cafeteria staff workload.

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