Biometrics Solutions
for Non-Profit Organizations

Biometrics enables non-profit organizations to establish the correct identity of any individual in real-time even without access to a formal ID and ensures aid and services are reaching the intended beneficiaries.
Biometrics in non-profit organizations provides rapid and accurate identification of beneficiaries and produces transparent and compelling data to protect the organization’s interests and reinforce competitive grant applications.

Identity Management – Operational Efficiency

Biometrics helps non-profit organization to enhance its identity management capabilities and ensures data integrity by enabling the organization to accurately report information to constituents and stakeholders.

The real-time identification of individuals claiming benefits saves valuable volunteer and staff time and helps to achieve operational efficiency. Prevents admittance of non-authorized people and ensures physical safety.

Reduce Fraud – Correct Access to Services

Integrating a biometric solution helps a non-profit organization to realize:

  • Eliminate duplicate record keeping
  • Provide unduplicated services to intended individuals
  • Prevents fraud by denying services to impostors
  • Control access to services and benefits
  • Real-time authentication of individuals claiming benefits

How biometrics-based systems work in non-profit

A non-profit organization experiences major improvements to its beneficiary records management by introducing biometrics. The main reason for adopting biometric technology is to find a way to fix the non-profit organisations record duplication issue, which arises from the practice of creating a new record for every visit from an individual. The process of creating a new record every time generates a lot of paperwork and also takes a certain amount of administrative time.

The implementation of a fingerprint biometric system allows beneficiaries to be quickly and very easily identified with a simple fingerprint scan and allows access to their complete records. It has simplified the record creation process for beneficiaries and reduced a lot of administrative work. The right record can be instantly found with the tap of a finger. Beneficiaries are initially enrolled into the biometric system by scanning their fingerprint and storing a digital template of the fingerprint. Biometrics has provided significant benefits in securing identities of patients as fingerprints do not convey any personal details such as health status, gender, or race of the individual and can be used in place of names. More non-profit organizations seek to cut administrative costs and cope with the new demographic changes by integrating fingerprint biometrics in their organisation.

Benefits of biometric-based identification

A non-profit organisation has a great number of specific identity management requirements. Organization of records is extremely important and so a system should be in place to prevent mix ups and eliminate any duplicate records. Moreover, the on-going need to lower risks associated with incorrectly identifying individuals and the strengthening of personal safety are also very crucial. A biometric fingerprint solution will not only lessen these risks and add another layer of protection, but it can be easily expanded across the network to help increase data integrity which is a critical component of quality care in any modern non-profit organisation. Non-profit organizations are increasingly turning to biometric fingerprint solutions to tackle the challenges posed by the increasing urbanization and migration.

If we consider a non-profit hospital, biometrics is a good fit as it can communicate smoothly with electronic health records software and can be used in multiple capacities like mobile devices. Fingerprint sensors are accurate and inexpensive. Fingerprints are unique and cannot be lost. It can also be used on unconscious patients. Misidentification of patients in hospitals continues to cause avoidable mistakes that directly impact on the safety of patients while adding unnecessary costs. A fingerprint biometric solution will help to eliminate duplicate medical records and reduce chances of medical identity theft. This system will also reduce unauthorized access to sensitive patient records.

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Why you should choose biometrics based solution

Achieve sustainable development goals; advanced identity management capabilities; controlled access; transparent and accurate data; operational efficiency.

Decrease identification gap

70% of births go unregistered in least developed countries and 40% in the developing countries. This identification gap is the major factor contributing to underdevelopment. People are not able to access basic right and services due to the lack of an official document such as birth certificate, social security number and medical certificate. Non-profit systems can overcome these challenges by deploying fingerprint biometrics as intended beneficiaries can be identified even without having a formal ID.

Accurate and inexpensive identification method

Fingerprints are unique and personal characteristics of individuals that cannot be lost, stolen, forgotten, faked or borrowed. This is what makes fingerprint biometrics a highly accurate identification method. There is a wide availability of fingerprint readers in the market which also makes it a low cost solution. Thus the use of fingerprint biometrics makes practical and economic sense to non-profit organizations.

Data collection

Identification bottlenecks reduce the quality of mobile data collected on the front lines and prevent non-profit organizations from constantly linking respondents across time. Fingerprint biometric solution provides robust and reliable data collection even in the most far-flung communities and helps to overcome the identification gaps in data collection.

Privacy and security

Privacy and security concerns of individuals are addressed as the actual fingerprint image of the individuals are not stored. Instead the fingerprint data is stored as encrypted templates using the SSL/TLS encryption standard. This encryption standard is highly secure and is the same standard that is used in online banking for data transfer and storage. With fingerprints, privacy is enhanced as they do not convey any personal information such as gender or race and can be used instead of names.

Increased program accountability

The vast majority of maternal deaths occurring in developing countries are avoidable by having a minimum of four check-ups before birth. However, only 39% of all mothers receive these visits due to identification and accountability issues. Fingerprint biometrics is a powerful tool which allows instantly finding the correct record of the patient with the swipe of a finger. Program accountability is also increased by facilitating the measurement of indicators like vaccination coverage.

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