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Montessori School


An international Montessori school in the US implemented Bayometric’s fingerprint-based access control system to enhance safety measures. They were looking for a foolproof security system.


The school’s management wanted a fingerprint-based access control system to provide access only to authorized personnel during school working hours.

Furthermore, they wanted an access control system which is capable of ‘auto-unlock’ during pick-up and drop-off hours. Unlike traditional school timers, the system had to have a ‘disable function’ which ensures that doors do not open automatically on public holidays or weekends. They wanted to install a sturdy and weather-resistant device at the main gate.


Bayometric’s Fingkey Access was the perfect solution for these requirements. This standalone fingerprint access control unite is a water-proof and dust-proof device. The device can also detect fake fingers (made from silicone, rubber, and play-doh, etc.)

TimeZone Control is another feature of Fingkey Access, which allows denying or granting access to the premises during specific times. Thus, during weekends and public holidays, school management could enable the main door to be locked at all times.

The TimeZone also features an ‘access denied’ function, which (when turned on) denies access to a particular area during the pre-defined time span. In case a fire breaks out during the ‘access denied’ period, the fire control system activates a function that kills power to the device and opens the door.


The weather resistance device was installed at the main doors. The system grants access to authorized personnel only. Furthermore, Time Zone feature ensures that the doors are automatically unlocked during pick-up and drop-off hours. It also allows the school’s management to restrict access during holidays.

Fingerprints are stored in an encrypted template; there is no possibility of duplication. Fingkey Access is a user-friendly and easy to install device. This sturdy device is suitable for outdoor spaces. School officials can also monitor attendance through this device.

With a reliable and safe system in place for children, the school officials can now focus on growth and development of the students.

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  • Client International Montessori School, United States
  • Date November 11, 2016
  • Tags Access Control