New York State Psychiatric Institute

New York State Psychiatric Institute


A research “Tshwane Men’s study” was conducted to determine the prevalence of HIV amongst South African men who have sex with other men. Further, this study will help to take different measures that can prevent the spread of HIV in the African region.

Bayometric’s fingerprint-based identification system has helped The New York State Psychiatric Institute to overcome the challenges of an inefficient identification system.


Men who have sex with other men are the primary research participants for this study. Participants’ selection is done by the snowball sampling method. Once selected, a participant is asked to provide references of 3 to 5 other men (recruits). A coupon is provided for this purpose to his recruits. When a recruit comes to the center for testing, the participant earns financial incentives.

After arriving at the test center, participants are asked different questions. After passing the screening test, they take an HIV test and have the option to receive test results.

Hence, it is important to ensure that the data collected is not duplicated. Since there are financial incentives attached, a fingerprint-based identification system was required to ensure that incentives are given to eligible participants only. A proper identification system was necessary to secure participants’ information. As there were multiple test centers, it was necessary that the system was centralized and uniform across all centers.


Bayometric’s FBI FIPS 201/PVI-certified fingerprint scanner along with fingerprint registration and matching software proved to be the perfect solution to overcome all the above mentioned challenges.

Every participant has to go through a screening test. After clearing this test, his fingerprint is scanned and an ID number is generated. This ID number is assigned to his fingerprint. The information provided in the survey as well as referral coupons are also assigned to the same ID. Ultimately, incentives are being provided to the right participant.


Bayometric’s fingerprint-based identification process is relatively error-free and user-friendly. This system helps to manage the data in a better way because information is stored in a central database, which is easily retrievable.

The system ensures that every candidate participates only once. Furthermore, it identifies that test results and referral incentives are being given to the eligible participants only. Ultimately, it helps to improve correctness of the study. Being non-intrusive, this system helps to keep the participants’ information anonymous and secure.

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  • Client New York State Psychiatric Institute
  • Date November 15, 2016
  • Tags Fingerprint Identification