Pepsi (a global soft drink company) had used traditional old register-based and password-based attendance management system for a long time. Passwords and usernames were provided to employees to login and mark attendance.

The employee supervisors had to manually reconcile the attendance data every month. Problems with attendance and login reached such a point that the management felt that it would start affecting their production target. Pepsi’s management decided to go for an easier and more comprehensive attendance management solution.


Time spent by Pepsi’s employees in the queue to mark manual attendance started increasing. Employees were frequently having issues logging in using a keyboard and a mouse. Password reset and forgotten password requests started consuming employees’ productive time.

Time spent by supervisors ballooned and reached almost 40 hours per week. The manual attendance data still remained error-prone.


Bayometric decided to implement a single comprehensive solution to address these problem areas with Touch N Go Biometric Framework (a fingerprint-based biometric identification solution).

Touch N Go required only 4 lines of code to integrate fingerprint recognition with the client’s time and attendance application. For attendance, the employees had to simply place their fingers on scanners, placed at the exit and entry points.


There were no long queues for attendance as the average time spent by an employee in logging-in to their systems fell from two minutes to one second. The time spent on manual reconciliation of attendance records by their supervisors fell from forty man hours per week to zero.

The productivity of Pepsi’s payroll department was highly improved. Before implementing fingerprint biometrics, this department would spend hours in manually going through the attendance information, including shift related punch-in data and overtime.

Attendance tracking by the HR department at that plant also became automated and error-free. Whether it was overtime management, attendance management, or shift management, payroll calculations became near-instant.

Pepsi’s management is very happy and satisfied with Bayometric’s fingerprint-based biometric identification solution and they are planning to carry it on to other manufacturing departments such as sampling, product movement, and quality assurance.

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  • Client Pepsi
  • Date November 11, 2016
  • Tags Attendance Management