Privately Owned Cab Company

Privately Owned Cab Company


A privately owned cab company was looking for a smart driver identification solution to recognize drivers with a prior registration record. Bayometric’s fingerprint and web-based driver identification system has helped the cab company to maintain the integrity of its passenger’s security. This web-based system is compatible with a number of fingerprint scanners available in the market. Moreover, this system is able to make the fingerprints’ match accurately as well as display the results within a few seconds.


The cab company felt the need to upgrade their driver’s registration process after recognizing the risks of drivers being able to register themselves at other centers (after being blacklisted). Bayometric has helped the cab company in implementing a web-based driver identification solution, which provides a single personal identification (sign- in) facility. Moreover, this system has integrated company’s registration centers for data mining and established a countrywide presence.


The web based driver identification system has been integrated with company’s existing CRM systems to prevent duplication of data. This web-based driver identification system eliminates the chances of fraud during identification process and is such a cost-effective security solution.

This system uses a central database where all registration records are kept. When a driver tries to register into the system, it checks whether there is any prior record of his/her registration. The system would draw a red flag if any driver has been blacklisted before, or if his/her permit was revoked. Ultimately, this will alert the management and they can avoid hiring such drivers.


Bayometric’s web-based driver identification system is aimed at identifying blacklisted drivers, to cut the costs, to reduce instances of frauds, and to maintain system’s integrity.

The parallel multi-node fingerprint server architecture of this system makes it a highly scalable and an ideal solution for large-scale automated fingerprint identification systems (AFIS). The software can be easily customized to send fingerprints to an agency for background checks.

The cab company is now hiring only trustworthy and skilled drivers. The passengers trust this cab company and give priority whenever they have to travel through a cab.

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  • Client A Privately Owned Cab Company
  • Date November 14, 2016
  • Tags Fingerprint Identification