Ringside Belgium

Ringside Belgium


Ringside Belgium is a fitness and fight sports club located in Brussels, Belgium. They were looking for a smart member registration solution to keep track of their training sessions and uniquely identify members for payment processing.

Bayometric’s innovative fingerprint-based identity management solution has helped Ringside Belgium, to improve their membership management system (i.e. registration, payment, and attendance).


Ringside Belgium was using a time consuming manual process (spreadsheets and ID cards) for registering members & keeping track of their training and payment records. Members of the club were of different age groups. Most members (especially children) were misplacing their ID cards or forgetting them at home. Hence, Ringside Belgium wanted a membership management solution with fingerprint identification that could store the fingerprints of members in the application database.


Ringside Belgium had tested another fingerprint software development kit (SDK), but that SDK was very complex to integrate and use. Bayometric recommended Touch N Go Biometric Framework (a fingerprint-based biometric identification solution) to the management. Although Ringside Belgium did not have any prior experience of working with fingerprint technology, but still they could easily integrated Bayometric’s fingerprint recognition within their application in no time.


The Touch N Go Biometric Framework proved to be the perfect solution for handling the club’s requirements. It required only four lines of code to integrate fingerprint recognition with their customer registration, time and attendance application and payment system. That helped the organization to save their member’s time as well as attract a number of new members.

Touch N Go is a programmer friendly biometric framework and aimed at providing high performance as well as reliable biometric services to new and existing applications. Their developers were using C#, .NET, Winforms, and MYSQL database. Bayometric’s fingerprint-based API comes with sample applications and source code that are written in multiple languages, including C#. This allowed Ringside Belgium to get up and running with a reliable and highly accurate fingerprint recognition solution right away.

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  • Client Ringside Belgium, Brussels
  • Date November 9, 2016
  • Tags Membership Management