Cross Match Verifier 300 LC 2.0

Cross Match Verifier 300
USB 2.0 Optical Scanner

Infrared filter
Seamless integration
Patented aspherical lenses


Cross Match Verifier 300 LC 2.0 is an optical USB 2.0 fingerprint scanner. With its infrared filter, Verifier 300 is one of the best fingerprint recognition devices in the industry. This agronomic scanner is suitable for high traffic desktop applications. Your employees and team members will surely love the simplicity and ease of this device.

If you are looking for a device that delivers accurate and reliable results for fingerprint identification and verification, the Verifier 300 is just the optimum choice. It comes with a rugged sensor and a lightweight lexan case. Cross Match Verifier 300 is easily deployable for a wide array of customer applications. It can be easily integrated into kiosks, existing systems or as a standalone desktop application.

The Verifier 300 LC 2.0 has patented aspherical lenses. It captures forensic quality prints due to the advanced illumination technology. It can also capture prints from marked, stained or dark fingers. It is portable, durable and needs low maintenance. The Verifier 300 maintains sub-pixel geometric accuracy and superior image quality.

Verifier 300 is a robust and efficient solution for authentication; it can be used for authenticating door access, enrollment, payment systems and more.

Special Features

Comprehensive solution

Verifier 300 has infrared filter that rejects ambient light and has a fast frame rate. With its low maintenance requirements, it stays assured of durable and superior image quality for long time.

Intuitive system

Verifier 300 is already being used for a wide array of applications around the world. The auto-sense capability with auto-capture has won hearts of all the users of this device.

Forensic quality prints

Cross Match’s advanced biometric technology has helped Verifier 300 to deliver accurate result on every scan. It’s sleek and compact design has raised platen border for natural positioning of finger during capture.

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Technical Specification

Resolution 500 ppi
Operating Temperature Range 32°F to 104°F (0°C to 40°C)
Humidity Range 10-90% non-condensing, splash-resistant
Weight 1.0 lb. (0.45 kg)
Hardware 1 GHz or higher Pentium IV compatible CPU
256 MB RAM
50 MB of available disk space
USB 2.0 compliant ports or USB 2.0 PCI/PCMCIA Card
Linearity and Rectilinearity Less than one pixel (average)
Platen Area 1.2” x 1.2” (30.5 mm x 30.5 mm)
Output USB 2.0
Power 5 V DC (supplied by PC)
Ratings FCC, UL, CE
Dimensions (h x l x w) 2.45” x 6.38” x 3.25”(62 mm x 162 mm x 83 mm)
Operating System Windows® XP 32-bit, Windows Vista®, Windows 7

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Productivity of Pepsi’s payroll department highly improved after implementing fingerprint biometrics.

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