Cross Match Verifier 310 LC

Cross Match Verifier 310
Dual Finger Scanner

FBI PIV certified
Auto-sense enabled
Low maintenance requirements


The Cross Match Verifier 310 LC is a dual fingerprint scanner from Cross Match. It was the first single and dual fingerprint capture scanner to be FIPS 201 approved. The biggest advantage of the Cross Match Verifier 310 LC is that it captures 2 fingerprint images, enhancing the level of accuracy and bringing down matching errors by two-fold.

The Cross Match Verifier 310 LC features a standard USB 2.0 interface for easy interoperability. It also features a heated platen for scanning which is capable of ambient light rejection and elimination of ‘halo’ effect seen on fingerprint scanners. Being FIPS 201 compliant, the module is typically used in areas of homeland security, critical infrastructure, finance, transportation and law enforcement and court systems. The module offers forensic quality flat fingerprint images which can be used to match and verify identities accurately and efficiently.

Special Features

Ergonomic design

The Cross Match Verifier 310 LC features an excellent ergonomic design. The module features an undercut lip for easy finger placement and positioning when it comes to thumb scanning. It also has a raised platen edge to naturally position fingers in the right way before scanning.

Auto-sense capability

Verifier 310 is equipped with the Auto-sense technology to enhance user convenience and power efficiency when being operated. The Auto-sense technology is capable of automatically switching the module from its idle state to operating state whenever a finger is placed on the platen.

Excellent platen features

The platen or scanning surface of the Cross Match Verifier 310 LC is one of the most innovative aspects of the product. The module features a high platen area to get good quality images which are high contrast in nature. The platen is also heated to prevent condensation and halo effects on the scanning surface when a finger is placed. It also features an IR filter to avoid ambient light distortions.

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Technical Specification

Resolution 500 ppi
Linearity and Rectilinearity Less than one pixel (average)
Platen Area 1.8” x 1.8” (45.7 mm x 45.7 mm)
Hardware 1 GHz or higher Pentium IV compatible CPU
256 MB RAM
50 MB of available disk space
USB 2.0 compliant ports or USB 2.0 PCI/PCMCIA Card
USB SDK V 4.4 or later
Operating System Windows® XP 32-bit, Windows Vista®, Windows 7
Output USB 2.0
Certification FBI Personal Identity Verification (PIV) Specification
Power Supplied through the USB 2.0 interface (500 ma @5V)
Humidity Range 10-90% non-condensing, splash-resistant
Operating Temperature Range 35°F to 100°F (2°C to 38°C)
Weight Approx. 1.2 lbs. (0.544 kg)
Dimensions (h x l x w) 2.6” x 6.8” x 3.8” (66 mm x 173 mm x 97 mm)
Ratings FCC, UL, CE

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