Integrated Biometrics eCurve

IB eCurve
Embedded Fingerprint Module

Effective integration
Full featured SDK
WSQ compression


The Integrated Biometrics eCurve fingerprint module is the embedded version of the Curve single finger scanner. While curve is designed to be a peripheral component to systems, the IB eCurve is designed to be a part of the system in an embedded form. The module comes especially designed for OEM and integrator applications. It uses FBI recognised standard WSQ compression techniques for the images it captures. The Integrated Biometrics eCurve consists of the sensor and the board. The sensor is ergonomically designed with a curved platen to avoid distortions while scanning. It is also designed to be highly compact occupying an area of 70 mm (diameter) x 30 mm (height).

Embedded modules must be highly power efficient to be feasible. The eCurve consumes less than 110 mA when operating and is equipped with the touch and go feature which helps it to turn off automatically after scanning. Thus the module is highly power efficient and sought out for in OEM applications.

Special Features

Highly reliable

The LES technology used in Integrated Biometrics eCurve makes the image output from the module highly reliable. The module is resistant to dry, wet, scarred and aged fingers. It can also work under direct sunlight and produce high quality images.

WSQ compression

The Integrated Biometrics eCurve uses FBI standard compliant WSQ compression. The images have a size of 288 x 352 pixels and are rotatable by +/- 30 degrees. The module also features a 500DPI resolution and the module supports USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 interfaces.

Supports multiple platforms

The Integrated Biometrics eCurve supports multiple OS and languages which makes the module easy for integration into systems. It is compatible with Windows, Linux and NetBSD 4.0 operating systems. It also supports several programming languages such as C, C++, VB.Net and VB 6.0. Java and Android is also supported on request.

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Technical Specification

Interface USB 1.1 and USB 2.0
Housing dimensions 70mm (ø) x 33mm
Image resolution 500 DPI
Finger rotation flexibility +/- 30 degrees
Operating temperature -10ºC to 50ºC
Power supply voltage 4.5 – 5.5v
Capture state current 110mA maximum
Power-up initialization 210 ms
ACTIVE X and .NET control Included
Image compression WSQ
Part number IBHLMU500-03A
Type Light Emitting Sensor (LES) electroluminescent film
Image quality scoring method NFIQ
Image processing / matching algorithms IB developed and supported – no third party technologies
Capture area 15mm x 18mm
Weight 0.2 kg
Image size 288 x 352 pixels
Multi-color leds Green / Red / Blue
Storage temperature -30ºC to 80ºC
Idle state current 100mA maximum
USB cable length 1.5 meter
Matching speed 1:30,000 in 1 second
FAR / FRR (adjustable) 0.00071% / 0.00819% (default setting)
USB drivers Microsoft certified
Minimum current No power draw when sensor is off
Live finger sensing Intrinsic to LES image generation technology

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