Enterprise Biometric Solutions
Single Sign-On, Access Control and Time & Attendance

Secure, fast and accurate identity management solution for enterprise IT systems logon, building access and employee time clock-ins.
Biometrics empowers enterprises to handle their identity management challenges by enabling them to verify the identities of their employees and stakeholders reliably and accurately.

Identity Management – Operational Efficiency

Biometrics helps enterprises to improve its identity management capabilities and protect information and assets from continuously evolving security threats.
Biometric authentication is highly reliable as clients or employees authenticate with something which is unique to them – fingerprints. The verification is done in real-time and enables enterprises to comply with government security regulations.

Mitigate Risks – Reduce Fraud

Integrating a biometric solution helps enterprises to realize:

  • Mitigate physical risks such as sharing of building access cards
  • Eliminate stolen passwords and buddy punching time clocks
  • Protect data and property
  • Comply with regulatory demands

How biometrics-based systems work in enterprises

Many enterprise applications benefit by the implementation of biometric technology. In an enterprise, biometrics can make a great difference in terms of reliability and security right from the doorway to desktop. Fingerprint biometrics is used to control physical access to buildings as well as logons to the enterprise IT systems. Employee time and attendance in enterprises is managed accurately with biometrics. Stolen passwords, shared access cards and buddy punching are eliminated by integrating biometrics in enterprise systems. Employees clock-in and clock-out with a simple scan of the fingerprint.

Doorway to desktop is a hybrid approach in which biometrics is used to control both physical access to building and logical access to enterprise IT systems. It provides a unified access to both physical and logical resources. Employees are initially enrolled into the enterprise biometric system by scanning their fingerprint and a digital representation of their fingerprint is stored as a template. The declining costs of fingerprint readers and increase in the technological capabilities make fingerprint biometrics an ideal choice for integration with enterprise systems. It helps to make log-in and log-out processes faster and secure and can be scaled to meet the access needs of any size enterprise.

Benefits of biometric-based identification

Biometric identification systems help enterprises to be sure that every individual on their campus is authorised to be there. It provides high quality access control to meet the demands of any size enterprise. Biometric authentication ensures that the clients or employees are indeed who they claim to be and are authorised to receive benefits. Enterprise IT systems logon is the application to benefit most from biometric authentication as low-cost fingerprint readers become widely available and can be easily integrated with existing applications. Enterprises can ensure a very high level of security and reliability for their IT applications and systems at a relatively lower cost with fingerprint biometrics.

Controlling access to restricted facilities within a campus or identifying persons of interest is also possible with biometric-based identification. The financial loss due to identity theft and employee time theft are huge. Stolen passwords are dangerous as they can compromise the security of sensitive client information. Enterprises suffer huge financial losses due to employee time thefts where an employee clocks in for an absent employee using their shared password or PIN. Biometrics can mitigate all these risks as the employee needs to be physically present to use his fingerprint for clock-in. Fingerprints are unique to individuals and they cannot be lost or stolen. Thus they provide a strong authentication mechanism to verify the identity of an enterprise’s employees as well as their stakeholders.

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Why you should choose biometrics based solution

Reliable identity management platform; convenience and security; controlled access restricted facilities; employee time and attendance management; operational efficiency.

Increased data security

Traditionally enterprise IT systems need a password or PIN for authorizing logons. Passwords are the weakest link in an enterprise’s security. Employees with poor password habits can create security weaknesses and jeopardize the data integrity. Security threats continue to evolve and intruders are using sophisticated methods to exploit the vulnerabilities of password-based systems. With a biometric authentication method, enterprises can be sure that only the authorized individual gets access to the desktop, network or application. Fingerprint biometric is undoubtedly a very strong authentication method as it authenticates the individual based on who they are.

Creates accountability

Biometric makes it possible to directly connect an individual to a certain action or an event. Enterprises can have a clear and determinable audit trail of transactions and activities. This is especially very helpful in case of security breaches because it can be known with certainty who is responsible for the breach. It eliminates cases of buddy punching and encourages employees to act ethically. Enterprises can achieve complete accountability which cannot be duplicated.

Exact identification

Traditional security systems such as passwords, personal identification number or smart cards are unable to provide exact identification.ID cards are prone to be lost and passwords could be stolen or shared. There is no way to determine that the person in possession of the card or entering the password is actually the authorised individual. Biometric systems, on the other hand, are able to provide a high level of certainty as biometric identifiers like fingerprints are unique to the individual. It ensures only the authorised individual will get access as biometric features cannot be easily duplicated.

Fast and economical

Forgotten passwords lead to time delays during employee check-in and check-out. Enterprises lose money due to the cost of replacing lost or stolen cards. With biometrics, employees can securely log in with a quick swipe of their fingerprint. The low cost and wide availability of fingerprint readers makes it a practical and economical identity management solution for enterprises.

Privacy and Security

Biometrics enables enterprises to protect data from security threats and comply with evolving government security regulations. The fingerprint data collected from employees or visitors is stored digitally as a template. Fingerprints do not reveal any personal information about the individual such as race or gender. It is also not possible to restore the original fingerprint image from the stored template. Thus biometric authentication is highly reliable, secure and provides user convenience.

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