Fingerprint time and attendance system records employee hours automatically and correctly.



Employees are authenticated in less than a few seconds with a simple fingerprint swipe.



A highly secure and convenient way to track employee time instantly without the need of password or smart cards.

Accurately collect, track and manage employee time with fingerprint-enabled time and attendance systems.

Improve productivity

Automatic recording of employee time eliminates manual reconciliation of attendance data for payroll processing and improves employee productivity.

Improve accountability

Fingerprint time and attendance eliminates intentional time theft by employees and creates real accountability.

Reduce employee time theft

Biometric attendance system eliminates the possibility of buddy punching as the employee needs to be physically present to clock-in or clock-out.

Save money

Effective tracking of employee work hours reduces time theft and saves a lot of money.

Biometrics Is The Future – Passwords And PIN’s Are Not.


Highly convenient as employees do not need to carry cards nor do they need to memorize passwords.


Cost-effective solution as fingerprint authentication reduces employee time theft and maintenance costs related to lost cards or passwords.

State of the art

Fingerprint authentication is intuitive and cannot be lost or stolen.

More organizations adopting biometrics time and attendance

Biometric time and attendance systems enable employees to track their work hours by using a unique biometric body trait such as fingerprint. Accurately tacking and managing hourly employee’s time is a hassle for organizations and they lose money due to early punching, late punching or buddy punching. A fingerprint time and attendance system proves to be a cost-effective solution as it completely eliminates the various types of employee time theft.

In a biometric time and attendance system, employees need to be physically present to clock-in at work. It encourages employees to act ethically and creates better accountability. Employers are able to know accurately and reliably the arrival and departure time of employees as well as the employees that are currently present in the company.

A biometric time and attendance system drastically reduces the hours spent in processing employee time and attendance. It eliminates calculation errors and helps to accurately collect totals for hourly employees. Thus organizations achieve increased efficiency and cost-saving by adopting a biometric time and attendance management system. It is also easy to integrate fingerprint authentication in existing time and attendance systems with ready-to-use biometric software Touch N Go.

Privacy concerns surrounding biometrics time and attendance

Fingerprint authentication is a highly secure and reliable employee tracking method as it eliminates sharing of access cards or passwords and also restricts access to unauthorised areas. As fingerprints are inherent part of the individual, it can unequivocally verify the identity of the individual.

Fingerprints present a very high level of security as it is impossible to duplicate them under normal conditions. They also cannot be stolen or forgotten. The employees are initially enrolled into the system by a fingerprint scan. A scanner captures the employees fingerprint and stores a digital representation of the fingerprint. This stored template will subsequently be used in authenticating employees when they clock-in or clock-out at work.

A biometric time and attendance system ensures the privacy and security of employees. During the enrollment process, the actual fingerprint is never stored and it is also not possible to retrieve the fingerprints from the terminals. The biometric system stores only a digital representation of the fingerprint to safeguard employees as well as to enhance organizational security. The stored fingerprint template is also encrypted to avoid any tampering.

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