Fingkey Hamster I DX

Fingkey Hamster I DX
FBI Certified Scanner

Fast matching
Precise user authentication
High durability and compactness


The Fingkey Hamster I DX from Nitgen is one of the most elegant looking and durable fingerprint scanners in the market. Compliant with the FBI PIV standards, the fingerprint scanner is widely used for applications such as computer security, banking and finance system security, e-commerce and health care systems.

The device not only features high quality image capturing, but is also resistant to scratches, impact, vibrations and electric shocks making it a reliable tool. The 248 x 292-pixel images when combined with Nitgen’s formidable user authentication algorithm produce high speed results in less than 300 ms (when powered by USB 2.0). Powered by USB interfaces, the device is compatible with Windows (2K, XP, Vista, 7) and Linux (kernel 2.6 or higher) operating systems.

Special Features

Compact and ergonomic design

Besides having an aesthetic appeal, Nitgen’s Hamster I DX is highly compact. The scanner measures just 54 x 74 x 82 mm (including sensor holding stand) and features an ergonomic scanner body rotating function.

Superior matching engine

The Nitgen Fingkey Hamster I DX is one of the products that feature the superior matching algorithm that guarantees precise and fast user authentication results. Capable of finding precise results in less than 300 ms, the product also features integration with both USB 2.0 and 1.1 interfaces.

International standard image formats and FBI certified

The Hamster I DX produces high quality fingerprint images that are FBI PIV standard compliant. This makes the scanner a widely accepted product when it comes to applications involving government identification and security, banking and other password replacement applications. The sensor is also capable of providing error free results even when dry or wet fingers are used on them.

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Technical Specification

Fingerprint Sensor Optical
Resolution 500 DPI / 256 gray
Sensing Area 12.6 x 14.8 mm
Image Size 248 x 292 pixels
(260 x 300 pixels)
Interface USB 2.0 High speed / Full speed, Plug & Play
O/S Microsoft Windows, Linux
Operating Temp. -20 ~ 60℃
Certification KC, CE, FCC, UL, RoHS, WHQL
Duration Over 1 million fingerprint capture
Size (w x L x H) 54 x 74 x 82.6 mm (with stand)
27.4 x 40.5 x 73.7 mm (without stand)

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