Futronic FS21M Fin’Lock Fingerprint Access Control

Futronic FS21M Fin’Lock
Access Control System

500 dpi fingerprint image resolution
Accuracy: FAR-10-6, FRR-10-2
Operating temperature: -10 to +55 degrees


The Futronic FS21M Fin’Lock is a latest biometric access control system from the stable of Futronic. This stand-alone fingerprint access control system with high resolution optical system provides enterprises a convenient and secured access control and attendance management solution. This machine also supports MiFare card (a contactless smart card technology).

Fingerprints, PINs and MiFare cards all can be used for attendance management and physical access control. You can also store fingerprints in MiFare cards to eliminate any privacy issue. Futronic FS21M has the ability to operate in both network and local mode. With a standard Ethernet interface, this gadget can easily be connected as a cluster via Internet/LAN under the control of a single fingerprint authentication server (FAS).

In the network mode, fingerprints can be recognized as well as stored in FAS, which can easily handle numerous fingerprints. However, in local mode, every FS21M machine has the ability to store around 3,000 fingerprints itself, which can be used as an attendance control or a standalone access device.

Special Features

Ergonomic and hassle free

Every user can register up to 3 fingerprints. Finger/user administration, such as edit, delete, and adds etc. can also be done in FS21M. Finger/user database can be synchronized between FS21M and PC/FAS via Internet/LAN. Customers can select black and silver color enclosure.

Spoof proof

The Futronic FS21M supports Futronic’s proprietary live finger detection (LFD) technology. Only live fingers can be used to access after activating this function, and it will not capture images from fake fingers that are made from rubber or silicone.

Multiple modes of authentication

Various authentication methods are supported by Futronic FS21M to meet different application/environmental needs, such as: fingerprint recognition (1:N matching), PINs and MyFare cards. It also supports multifactor authentication like fingerprint recognition + MiFare cards (1:1 matching).

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Technical Specification

Fingerprint image resolution 320×480 pixel,500DPI
Light source 4 Infra Red LEDs
Finger scanning window size 16mm x 24mm
Fingerprint recognition accuracy FAR-10-6, FRR-10-2
Display 122×32 dot matrix LCD with backlight that supports English and Chinese character
User input & prompt 16 keys keypad with backlight, Buzzer, red and green LED
MiFare card sensing range 30mm
Interface to PC Ethernet with lithium battery powered Real Time Clock
Door control 1 Door Strike, 1 Door Switch and 12VDC/1.5A
Operating temperature -10 to +55 Degrees
Dimension 140mm(W) x 110mm(H) x 41.5mm(D)
Enclosure 3mm thickness ABS

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