Law Enforcement Biometric Solutions

Fingerprint-based biometric solutions aid law enforcement agencies in accurate identification, booking and efficient background checks of suspected individuals.
Biometric technology in law enforcement helps to establish identity by linking the wanted persons to their actions or figuring out the identity of suspects by searching criminal records database for a positive match.

Minimize Threats

Positive identification of criminals and their background is of utmost importance in the law enforcement sector. Law enforcement and Homeland Security is constantly faced with security threats and cases of identity thefts. Biometrics can help law enforcement to combat the security concerns about terrorism and the rising instances of criminal activities and gun violence. Fingerprint biometrics is easy to use and offers mobile identification technology for police patrols. Live scans enable accurate booking of criminals and in-field authentication and identification.

Identify – Prevent – Protect

Fingerprint is the most popular biometric modality in law enforcement due to ease-of-use and affordability. Mobile fingerprint handheld devices enable law enforcement agencies to:

  • Protect citizens as well as improve the safety of police personnel
  • Identify persons of interest and willful individuals
  • Conduct efficient background checks of suspected individuals

How biometrics-based systems work

To identify a suspected criminal, a 1:N comparison is done where the suspect’s biometric trait is checked against the entire criminal database for a possible match. The biometric trait could either be directly obtained from the individual or procured from a crime scene such as fingerprints left behind on a weapon. Biometric data can also be submitted voluntary by individuals as evidence in civil or criminal cases.

Biometric databases are maintained at local, state and federal level. These databases are interoperable and are also able to share information with each other. The Next Generation Identification (NGI) system of the FBI includes a Rap-back feature that uses fingerprint biometrics and provides on-going notifications of persons who are under criminal investigations thus eliminating the need of repeated background checks.

Benefits of biometric-based identification

The accurate identification of individuals convicted of a crime is critically important to ensure that innocents do not suffer and offenders are correctly booked. In jails and correctional facilities, fingerprint technology is used to track inmate movements and process arrests quickly. Inability to accurately identify offenders can lead to criminals evading arrests and putting the society at risk. Fingerprint recognition along with modern technology allows police personnel to have accurate and up-to-date background check of workers in the public domain as well as of suspects. The time taken to search through a database is also reduced which helps to enhance officers productivity.

The availability of low-cost fingerprint readers has made it easier to integrate fingerprint technology in jails and correctional facilities. Fingerprints can be used to verify inmates as well as visitor’s identities. It is used to confirm that the person who arrived as a visitor is the same person leaving the facility.

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Why you should choose biometrics based solution

Next generation identification; stricter security controls, inmate and visitor tracking in jails, streamlined database searches, interoperable criminal databases.

Increased matching accuracy rates and reduced response time

Fingerprint recognition is the most accurate biometric and with the implementation of FBI’s Next Generation Identification (NGI) system the matching accuracy rate has increased from 92 percent to 99 percent. In controlled environments such as a police booking station, the average response time is reduced from 2 hours to 10 minutes.

Live scan fingerprint based background check

Live scan fingerprinting has a very high rate of accuracy in background checks as compared to any other method such as name-based background checks. Fingerprint identification is based on the fingerprint image captured during submission and is unique to the individual. As no two individuals have the same set of fingerprints (not even identical twins), fingerprint is considered to be the gold standard of identification. The response to a fingerprint based inquiry is based on positive identification and thus eliminates the errors due to multiple hits.

Advanced fingerprint identification technology

Fingerprint biometric technology has aided law enforcement agencies for more than a century to identify and track criminals accurately.

The Next Generation Identification (NGI) system used by the FBI has advanced fingerprint identification technology that enhances the processing of latent fingerprints along with increased accuracy and capacity for daily fingerprint processing. Law enforcement agencies can benefit from faster response times, increased frequency of identification and fewer transaction rejects.

Privacy and security

Privacy is viewed as a fundamental right by individuals and is considered to be one of the most important human rights in modern times. Biometrics is a powerful technology and can influence people’s lives at the individual level and also from a larger perspective. It is important to note that the reconstruction of original fingerprint image is virtually impossible from the stored template which should alleviate public concern about privacy violation. Biometrics can safeguard the privacy and identity of individuals reliably and accurately.

Increased personnel productivity

The search through a fingerprint templates database is fast which speeds up the investigation process. It allows police personnel to spend the free time on high-level tasks and leads to increased productivity. Today’s automated and modern fingerprint solutions are faster and highly accurate and complement police personnel to conduct their duties more efficiently.

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