Fingkey Access Fingerprint Access Control

NITGEN Fingkey Access
Access Control Unit

Waterproof and weatherproof
Live finger detection (LFD) technology
500 dpi fingerprint image resolution


The Fingkey Access is a cost effective fingerprint access control system. It is capable of speedy authentication with live finger detection (LFD) technology. It is a waterproof machine and supports at the level of IP65 for the outdoor use. It has a user-friendly interface with a compact and stylish design. This device has a superior matching engine, which is leading rank in the fingerprint verification competition (FVC).

Fingkey Access from NITGEN comes with live finger detection or LFD technology. Only live fingers can be used to access after activating this function, and it will not capture images from fake fingers that are made from rubber or silicone.

Fingkey Access comes with the systematic management feature of terminals with the independent remote location operational independence. Furthermore, it features integrated monitoring of terminals using a LAN-based communications’ network infrastructure. These features allow this device to offer Time and Attendance Management Systems at the enterprise level. It comes with 4 Function keys for user-defined functions and supports clock in, clock out, absence as well as return.

NITGEN Fingkey Access offers you enterprise level time and attendance management with its local area network (LAN) communication-based network infrastructure. The user-friendly interface of Fingkey Access knocks your door to be safe more than ever before.

Special Features

Weather resistance

Fingkey Access is a waterproof, dust resistant and weatherproof, IP65 rated rugged access control device.

Touch keypad

The touch sensitive keypad of this device has a back light feature, which makes it very easy to use even in the dark.

Multiple modes of authentication

Fingkey Access is a multi-functional system for access control and time management. The multi-factor authentication methods include, fingerprints, passwords or RF cards. It works with any combination of fingerprints, passwords, and RF cards.

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Technical Specification

CPU 32bit/ 200MHz
Memory 8MB DRAM/ 8MB Flash
Display 122 * 32 Graphic LCD (B&W)
Fingerprint Sensor Optical/ 500 DPI
Time 1:1  < 1 sec
Time 1:N  < 2 sec (4,000 templates)
Template Capacity 2,000 templates
(2 templates/ 1 finger, 1,000 users)
Log Capacity 20,000 logs
Interfaces TCP/IP. RS485(TBD), Wiegand In/Out, Wireless LAN (optional)
Max User 2,000
Operating Temperature -20 ~ 60 ℃
Operating Voltage 12VDC
Certification KC, CE, FCC
Dimensions 77(W) * 178(H) * 50(D) mm

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