NITGEN NAC-5000 Access Control System

Access Control System

640 x 480 image resolution
Easy data transfer using USB memory stick
Clock in/clock out/absence/return


NITGEN NAC-5000 is a cutting edge fingerprint access control system. It is considered world’s most comprehensive biometric access control system. It comes with NITGEN’S superior fingerprint algorithm, which enables high-speed biometric authentication as well as fingerprint identification. This device is a market leader in access control system with high value.

NITGEN NAC-5000 is specially designed for large-scale security system using IP/ TCP and wireless LAN. It is innovatively designed and very convenient. The high-quality and high-resolution inbuilt camera of this device can capture “live” Images. The device records images of all activities (both unauthorized and authorized attempts at use) in an interrogatable database.

Wireless connectivity is available across most protocols. The system will continue to operate even if the network fails for any reason. All data is kept in a central database under the control of a system administrator.

Special Features

Large 5.7” touchscreen display

This device has a large 5.7” touch color TFT LCD for all data input, eliminating manual “Push Buttons”. You can use the screen to display corporate messages, logos, photos, and graphics, etc.

Audio guidance supported

NAC-5000 provides clear and audible voice acknowledgments in response to command instructions.

Individual authentication acknowledgment of every user (by name) on the screen at “Login” is also allowed. You can leave short personal messages for individual users to pick up on arrival (Happy birthday message for instance).

Multiple modes of authentication

NAC-5000 is a choice of 3 authentication mechanisms, such as: fingerprints, passwords or proximity cards and face (optional). Any two of these methods can be used concurrently for additional security.

You can register up to 10,000 users per terminal with a throughput time measured in nanoseconds and hundreds of terminals can be used across the network. Each one is connected with an RJ45 plug and they are treated by the network as an IP addressed devices.

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Technical Specification

CPU 32bit 620MHz
Memory 256MB DRAM/ 256MB Flash
Display 5.7” True color/ Touch Screen
Fingerprint Sensor Optical/ 500 DPI
Time 1:1  < 0.2 sec
Time 1:N  < 1 sec (4,000 templates)
Template Capacity 100,000 templates
(2 templates/ 1 finger, 50,000 users)
Max User 100,000
Log Capacity 100,000 logs
Interfaces TCP/IP. RS485(TBD), Wiegand In/Out, Wireless LAN (optional)
Operating Temperature -20 ~ 60 ℃
Operating Voltage 12VDC
Certification KC, CE, FCC
Dimensions 167(W) * 146(H) * 52(D) mm

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Case Studies

New York State Psychiatric Institute

Bayometric helped New York State Psychiatric Institute with an effective identification system for their research.

Privately Owned Cab Company

Bayometric has helped the cab company to maintain the integrity of its passenger’s security.


Productivity of Pepsi’s payroll department highly improved after implementing fingerprint biometrics.

Vishvas Foundation

Bayometric has helped Vishvas Foundation by improving their customer service registration process.