Embedded Fingerprint Sensor Modules

Large selection of OEM/Integrator and embedded fingerprint sensor modules from industry’s leading manufacturers – SecuGen, Cross Match, Lumidigm, Nitgen, Suprema and Futronic.


SecuGen SDA03P

SecuGen SDA03P

SecuGen SDA03P, different from conventional biometric scanners, is designed to work as a standalone system, has inbuilt 1: 1 and 1: N matching algorithms.

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SecuGen SDA04P OEM

SecuGen SDA04P

SecuGen SDA04P is an OEM grade fingerprint sensor module with inbuilt 1:1 and 1:N matching algorithm, it does not require any external computer support.

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SecuGen SDU03P OEM

SecuGen SDU03P

SecuGen SDU03P is one of the SDU series of OEM grade USB fingerprint modules feature Secugnen’s most advanced optical technologies.

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SecuGen SDU04P

SecuGen SDU04P

SecuGen SDU04P is one of the most popular choices in biometric applications that require FBI certified biometric fingerprint sensor modules.

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Lumidigm M300 Fingerprint Module

Lumidigm M300

The Lumidigm M-series M300 fingerprint module comes with a built in multispectral fingerprint sensor and captures high quality fingerprint images.

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Lumidigm M310 Fingerprint Sensor Module

Lumidigm M310

The Lumidigm M-series M310 module is an easily integradable biometric fingerprint sensor module with a variety of configuration modes.

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Lumidigm V300 Fingerprint Sensor Module

Lumidigm V300

The Lumidigm V-series V300 module features multispectral imaging technology that eliminates threats of fake fingerprints in security applications.

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Lumidigm V310 Fingerprint Module

Lumidigm V310

The Lumidigm V-series V310 module uses FBI standards compliant WSQ compression that makes the module suitable for government sector applications.

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Our identity management solutions

Touch N Go

A scalable, reliable and high performing biometric fingerprint identification solution for seamless integration.

Biometric Single Sign-On

Enterprise password management and network security software with seamless interface to active directory.

Other Fingerprint Devices

Large selection of fingerprint scanners, fingerprint + card readers, attendance machines and access control devices.

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