A parent providing hard cash to a child has no control over what their child does with that money.



Fingerprint systems can identify students in less than few seconds and provide speedy access to their account information.



Fingerprints cannot be lost, stolen or forgotten and are unique to each student.

Revitalize the school lunch line with fingerprint identification.

Improve efficiency

Lunch line holds-ups due to students forgetting their cards or passwords are completely eliminated. Fingerprint authentication is quick which improves the overall efficiency.

Simplify payment

PIN number and card-based systems are complicated and time-consuming. Students can now purchase their lunch with a simple scan.

Replace money

Students’ lunch accounts linked to their respective fingerprints eliminates the need of carrying lunch money to school and parents are assured that the lunch money is spent for its intended use.

Eliminate lunch fraud

Fingerprints can be stolen like PIN numbers or ID cards. It stops bullies from using someone else’s account to pay fraudulently for their meals.

Biometrics Is The Future – Bar-codes And Pin’s Are Not.


Unlike passwords and IDs, students can neither lose nor forget their fingerprints.


No need to provide costly access cards or other expensive tokens to students that can be easily lost. Fingerprint biometrics is a cost-effective solution that ensures security at the same time.

State of the art

Unlike passwords and PINs that can be shared or stolen, fingerprint is intrinsic to the student and can ensure restricted access.

More organizations adopting biometrics for school lunch line

More schools are adopting biometric technology in school lunch line POS systems because of its affordability and security. Integrating fingerprint biometrics in lunch line POS systems helps to prevent losses by boosting the accuracy and security of transactions.

Students do not need to remember their PIN code or cards to get their lunch. They can simply scan their fingerprint when they get to the lunch line POS. Fingerprint POS systems are fast, reliable and highly accurate as fingerprints are intrinsic part of the student. It eliminates log jams in lunch and assures smooth transactions.

With biometric lunch line systems, students do not ever need to carry cash to get their lunch. Parents can be rest assured that lunch money is used for the intended purpose. There will be no cases of lost cards or a bully trying to access another student’s account with a stolen PIN. Moreover, integration of fingerprint technology into existing cafeteria management systems is easy and affordable.

Privacy concerns surrounding biometrics for school lunch line

It is observed that often students forget their cards or PINs. A fingerprint authentication system eliminates such possibilities as students can never forget or lose their fingerprint. It is a highly secure system that assures smooth lunch line flow. The students are initially enrolled into the system by a scan of their fingerprint. This is known as the enrollment process.

A biometric algorithm extracts the distinguishing features of the fingerprint and stores it as a mathematical representation of data points. This template is also encrypted to prevent any tampering. This template will be used to positively identify the student during subsequent fingerprint scans. The student’s fingerprint image is never stored or transmitted across the network. The biometric algorithm is one-way and the original fingerprint image cannot be recreated from the stored template.

The privacy concerns of students are rest assured because it is practically impossible to reverse engineer the stored data. Since the actual fingerprint image is never stored, there is no way to reconstruct the student’s fingerprint image from purely numerical data. Hence a student’s privacy is protected and the stored template cannot be used for any purpose other than identifying the student at lunch line POS.

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