SecuGen Hamster Pro

SecuGen Hamster Pro
USB Fingerprint Reader

Ultra compact, low price
Advanced optical sensor
Convenient size


The SecuGen Hamster Pro offers the functionality of the Hamster Plus in a remarkably-compact package. If you want to purchase a great number of fingerprint scanners for your organization, you can’t go wrong with these affordable, low-profile devices. Durable and dependable Hamster Pro fingerprint sensors resist impacts, vibrations, scratches, and static shocks. With these dependable and powerful optical sensors, you’ll rest easy knowing you’ve kept your data and facilities safe – without slowing down your team’s workflow.

With the Hamster Pro, you can easily use the Windows Biometric Framework (WBF) for fast and safe logins to Windows and Windows Server operating systems. These devices increase your level of security when your team members buy and use apps via the Windows Store. These easy-to-install devices easily integrate into your Windows, Linux, Android, or Java operating systems.

Special Features


Hamster Pro fingerprint scanners feature SecuGen’s Auto-On™ Automatic Finger Placement Detection system. This powerful software regularly checks for fingers within its sensing area and powers on when it finds a match. When you install Hamster Pros in your facilities, your team members can safely login to your systems with the least possible amount of distraction.

Smart Capture™

When your staff members place their fingers on your Hamster Pros, these powerful little devices will immediately grant them access to your systems. Even if your team members’ fingers are aged, dry, moist, or scarred, your Hamster Pros’ sensors will adjust to and identify them. These scanners respond to all fingers in all weather conditions – even the brightest sunlight, due to their cutting-edge Smart Capture™ software.

Efficient design

When you install Hamster Pro scanners throughout your facilities, you’ll be amazed at how quickly your team members can login to your systems. Your staff can access your organization’s data and properties with just one touch – increasing their daily efficiency. These lightweight, low-profile Hamster Pro devices feature integrated finger guides for quick and simple operation. By using SecureGen’s software with your Hamster Pro, you can keep your fingerprint information encrypted, avoid confusing current prints with those left behind by previous users, and connect to multiple devices.

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Technical Specification

Light Source / Lifetime LED/60,000hours
Smart Capture Speed 0.2 ~ 0.5seconds
Biometric Standards ISO/IEC19794-2, INCITS378, 9794-4
Dimensions 53.9×58.5×31.6mm
Weight 98g
Image Resolution 500 DPI
Fingerprint Sensor SecuGenUPx
Image Size 260×300 pixels
Platen Size 18.2mm X 22.9mm
Effective Sensing Area 13.2mm X 15.2mm
Image Gray Scale 256levels (8-bit)
Cable Length 1500mm
Operating Temperature -20o ~65o C
Operating Humidity 90% noncondensing, max
USB Interface 2.0Hi-Speed, 1.1Full
Supply Voltage 5VDC via USB
Max Current 120mA
Compliance FCC, CE, KCC, RoHS
Warranty 1 year limited warranty
Supported Operating Systems Windows10, 8.1, 8,7
Windows Server 2012, 2008R2
Android3.1+, Java, Linux

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Bayometric has helped the cab company to maintain the integrity of its passenger’s security.


Productivity of Pepsi’s payroll department highly improved after implementing fingerprint biometrics.

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