SecuGen SDU03P OEM

SecuGen SDU03P
USB Fingerprint Module

Standalone fingerprint module
USB interface
High interoperability


The SecuGen SDU03P is one of the SDU series of OEM grade USB fingerprint modules from SecuGen. The SecuGen SDU03P features a standard USB interface which enables the module to transmit data effectively and easily interconnect with surrounding fingerprint sensors and other third party hardware. The module features a compact build and measures just 21 x 32 x 60 mm making it easily integradable as a biometric security system on other products.

The module also features a rugged build that makes it competent even while working under extreme conditions. The SecuGen SDU03P is resistant to adverse working environments like impact, electric shock and vibrations. It also works under direct sunlight and produces high quality images even when working with dry, scarred, wet and aged fingers.

Special Features

USB interface

The SecuGen SDU03P features a USB interface, which makes the module highly compatible with third party hardware and other fingerprint sensors to enhance functionality. The USB interface works in USB 1.1 full speed and USB 2.0 Hi-speed configurations featuring data transfer speeds up to 480 Mbps.

Cost effective

SecuGen SDU03P uses highly advanced and durable sensors for scanning. This saves the user costs in maintenance and repair, and also provides high quality results in the long run. The module is CE, RoHS and FCC compliant.

Auto-On™ & Smart Capture™

The SecuGen SDU03P features Secugnen’s most advanced optical technologies that makes the module power efficient and deliver high quality and accurate results. The Auto-On™ function switches on the module automatically when it detects a live finger on the scanning surface without the use of a prompt. This helps the module function power efficiently. The Smart Capture™ technology helps the module to adjust scanning light used on the finger and thus capture high quality images even when working under extreme conditions such as direct sunlight.

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Technical Specification

Supply Voltage 4.75 ~ 5.25 V
Communication Interface USB 1.1 Full-Speed, USB 2.0 Hi-Speed
Fingerprint Capture Time 0.2 ~ 0.5 sec with Smart Capture™
Supported Fingerprint Templates SecuGen Proprietary, INCITS 378-2004, ISO/IEC 19794-2, and third party templates
Image Resolution 500 DPI
Image Size 260 x 300 pixels
Platen Size 16.1 mm x 18.2 mm
Effective Sensing Area 13.2 mm x 15.2 mm
Image Gray Scale 256 levels (8-bit)
Light Source / Typical Lifetime LED / 60,000 hours
Dimensions 21 x 32 x 60 mm
Operating Temperature – 20° ~ 65°C
Operating Humidity 90% or less RH noncondensing
Other Features Auto-On™, Smart Capture™
Water Resistance N/A
Compliance FCC, CE, RoHS

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