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Fake finger detection
Integrated card reader
Audit trail feature availability


The TRU series from Integrated Biometrics is an unparalleled fingerprint based biometric access control unit series which uses biometric technology. The TRU series uses IB’s cutting edge LES technology in its three variants, the TRU 550, TRU 650 and TRU 750. However, what set it apart are its feature rich design, functionality and low cost nature. The variants are all equipped with fingerprint scanning capability and the higher end variants also feature proximity card readers (TRU 650) and iClass card readers (TRU 750). Not only does this enhance the reliability of the product, but also increases the security factor manifold compared to other products.

The Integrated Biometrics TRU series also has some other impressive features. It has POE (power over Ethernet) and is also OSDP capable, bringing it to the forefronts of access control unit products. The variants in the series also have an offline storage capability of 2000 templates, ensuring that the system is not compromised in case of connectivity failure.

Special Features

Integrated card readers

The higher end variants of the TRU series have integrated card readers fitted on the units. The TRU 650 has an integrated proximity card reader (or Mifare option on request) while the TRU 750 unit has an integrated iClass reader. This increases the overall system security and reliability.

Minimum system requirements

The TRU series works on platforms that have very low system specs. The units work on any platform running on Windows OS and have 10 MB hard disk space, 250 MB RAM, Pentium IV or equivalent processor and USB 1.1/2.0 ports.

Light emitting sensor

The Light Emitting Sensor (LES) Technology used in the TRU range of products guarantee reliable and high quality fingerprint images. The platen uses its own light source for illumination under scanning after taking ambient conditions into consideration. This enables the unit to work under direct sunlight, wet, dry or scarred fingers and also reject fake fingerprints.

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Technical Specification

TRU 550 TRU 650 TRU 750
Biometric Fingerprint Reader Only Biometric Fingerprint Reader +  Integrated Prox Card Reader, 125KHz Biometric Fingerprint Reader +  Integrated iClass Card Reader
RJ45 Port for TCP/IP
12 Volt DC 750 Milliamp Supply
RS-422 Communication In/Out  (to Optional Power & Door Control Box)
26 & 37 bit Wiegand Out (to existing ACS Systems)
-10ºC to 50ºC (14ºF to 122ºF) Operational Temperature
Single Gang Box Mount Bracket
Wiring Harness

Common Specification

System Server Application Features Installation on Separate PC/Server from E&M App
System Features and Requirements Import and Export Feature for User(s) Info
Windows Interface: Drag & Drop, Right Click, Icon Based
Real Time System Control, Monitoring & Reporting
Multiple Access Group / Access Time Zone Capability
Optional Fingerprint Image Storage for Failed/Success Events
Duress Alarm Finger Functionality
System Activity Report Generation & Search Functions
Enroll & Mgt of ID Cards
TRU Terminal Firmware Remote Updating
POE (Power Over Ethernet)
OSDP Communication
Workstation Requirements for Enrollment & Mgt Software: USB Port 1.1/2.0
Pentium III Processor 600 Mhz Minimum
Supported Operating Systems Windows XP Pro
Windows 2000
Windows 2000/2003 Server
Windows Vista – Windows 7
Minimum Hardware Requirements (Server Application) Pentium IV Processor or Equivalent
10 MB Avail Hard Disk Space
USB Port 1.1/2.0
250 MB RAM
System Software: BACS User Enrollment & Management Application
System Server Windows Service Application
Hardware & Software Installation Manuals
USB Fingerprint Enrollment Scanner User enrollment device
Power Board 120-240 Volts AC Supply
RS-422 Communication In/Out
12 VDC 1 amp Out / 24 VDC .7 amp Out
Door Control Board Normally Open Contact (Dry or 12/24 VDC, configurable)
Normally Closed Contact (Dry or 12/24 VDC, configurable)
Door Open Sensor In – Egress Switch On
Dimensions 7.75 in (length) x 5.75 in (width) x 4 in (depth)
Supported Databases ODBC Compliant
Microsoft SQL2005 Server Express/ SQL Server 2008 Express
Microsoft MS SQL Server/ MS SQL Server 2005/ MS SQL Server 2008
Other Databases on Request

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Productivity of Pepsi’s payroll department highly improved after implementing fingerprint biometrics.

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