Integrated Biometrics Watson Mini

IB Watson Mini
Two-Finger Roll Scanner

Efficient and accurate
Easy ergonomic use
Embedded module applications


The Watson Mini two- finger roll scanner from Integrated Biometrics is the first fingerprint scanner from the maker to incorporate its patented LES technology. It guarantees high-quality images with full featured SDKs and is also capable of producing both dual print and single finger roll scan images.

The Watson Mini is ideally suited for applications that require 10 print enrolment and verification procedures. The sensor is built to work in the harshest of testing conditions, even under direct sunlight, and produce error free results even while dry and dirty fingers are used. The Watson Mini is also compatible with mobile computers and handheld devices running on Windows, Linux, Windows Mobile 6.5 and Android (4.0 and higher) operating systems.

Special Features

High accuracy with LES technology

The Watson Mini is a highly reliable biometric sensor that can work under any surrounding environmental conditions. Be it under direct sunlight or dry and dusty environments, the light emitting sensor technology produces high quality 800 x 750-pixel images. The Watson Mini is not easily misled by foreign matter and also has the ability to discard latent prints.

Efficient and sturdy build

The Watson Mini can perform 10 print enrollment procedures in cost effective ways compared to other parallel products. Furthermore, the module is capable of working at minimal power consumption levels (less than 300 mA when working and 40 mA under standby). The module is available in IP65 rated models and this can be upgraded to IP67 models on request.

Ergonomic use

Different from the conventional biometric scanners, the Watson Mini uses the light emitting sensor technology which makes the scanner capture high-quality impressions even after consecutive finger rolls without cleaning the sensing platform. This makes the Watson Mini an ideal candidate for applications where quick and accurate results are a requisite. The compatibility of the module with other handheld systems makes it an efficient choice.

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Technical Specification

Resolution 500 PPI
Sensing Area 1.6” x 1.5”
Image Size 800 x 750 pixels
Interface USB 2.0
USB Certification Spec USB-IF USB.ORG
USB Level 4.40V – 5.25V
DC Current <40mA idle, <300mA VBUS = +5.0VDC full scanning
FCC/CE Conformance FCC Part 15 (per ANSI C62.4:2003) Class A, CSA ICES-003 Class A
CE Emissions: EN 55022:2006 Class A
CE Immunity EN 55024:1998/A1:2001/A2:2003, IEC 61000-4-2
FIPS Certification GSA FIPS 201 Certified
Speed 10 FPS for Galaxy Nexus 1.2 GHz dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 or equivalent
17 FPS for Intel 2.8GHz Processor or equivalent processor
Product Options Embedded Watson Mini (wings, pigtail, no feet)
Standalone Watson Mini (feet, USB cable 1.5 m, no wings)
Product Weight Watson-Mini (no feet, no wings, pigtail): 85g
Watson-Mini (no feet, no wings, USB cable 1.5m): 144g
Grayscale 256 Grayscale Dynamic Range
Air Discharge / Contact Discharge In compliance with IEC 61000-4-2
Operating Temperature -20°C ~ +60°C
Humidity 30~85% RH < 40°C (Non-condensing)
RoHS Compliant RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC
IP65 Yes
IP67 Available upon request
API Interface Capture Two Finger Direct and Single Finger Roll Image. Multi-device / Multi-thread support
OS Support Windows7, Windows8, Linux, Android 4.0
Surface Durability MIL-C-675c 4.5010, MIL-STD-810F
Surface Resistance Ammonia, IPA, Methanol, Soaps/detergents, Salt Water
Vibration Test per MIL-STD-810F (Method 514.5), Category 24, Fig. 514.5C-17

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Productivity of Pepsi’s payroll department highly improved after implementing fingerprint biometrics.

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